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J.A.G. Arabian Sport Horses

We are fortunate to be able to share our incredible farm and talented horses with the local equestrian community through our volunteer work with local non-profit associations and clubs (Forsyth 4-H, Girl Scouts, Georgia Arabian Horse Association, MentorMe, etc.) as well as introduce new comers to the Arabian Horse through Meet an Arabian Horse Day, educational clinics with local trainers, help riders re-gain their confidence on horseback after tragic accidents, allow riders who cannot commit to owning a horse full time to continue to enjoy their passion for horses and riding, and allow individuals who love horses and simply want to spend time with them after a long day or week at work and to get some outdoor time and fresh air at our beautiful, private family farm. Kathy, Jessica and Megan have all received VOLUNTEER awards via the Georgia Arabian Horse Association or Arabian Horse Association.

Our goal is to offer the chance to get hands on with horses in a positive and safe atmosphere focused on good communication & relationship between horse & human and welcome those who want to visit with open arms as a part of giving back to and volunteering within the community despite simply being amateurs and working full time outside the equestrian industry. We always want to do our part in educating others about the incredible horse as well as do our part in this life long journey of learning with horses!

Please do not forget to visit the pages for JAG Royal Knight, JAG Lady Pegasus+/, and JAG Kalico Kid+// for lots more testimonials!

Feedback From Visitors

Please let us know how you enjoyed your time and provide any feedback where we can enhance your time further at our home! Please send us an email or if it's easier for you, a text message. 















































What a great day  at Horses and Hot Chocolate! Super impressed with how well you take care of your beautiful horses. Looking forward to getting to know the horses and humans!

- Michele McMahon February 8th, 2023


JAG Lady Pegasus+/ -

Her name, Pegasus, may be a winged horse, but Peggy is truly a unicorn. She is that special horse that takes care of beginners like me who need a little confidence but can take more advanced riders where they need to go. Peggy patiently stands in her stall as I fumble with halters, brushes, or tack and looks on with soft eyes that feel almost motherly saying, "We have all the time in the world." She lifts and holds her hooves high when I go to pick them out and she is so gentle that her hoof is floppy! It feels very odd when a hoof has no weight in hand, but it just shows how much control she has. Peggy quietly follows me for our warmup walks and easily moves where I ask, a joy to handle. Pegasus is truly a one of a kind horse that anyone can build a bond with.

JAG Royal Knight -

Knight reminds me of the goofy kid in class that eagerly wants to please. From the moment I walk up to groom him he is ready and curious. He is always thinking and trying to guess what comes next, unfortunately for him, sometimes I don’t remember! In the arena he is no different. Knight welcomes the games we play and gets very excited when he thinks he’s doing what is asked of him, which of course is all the time. He is great at relaxing me with his “don’t sweat it” attitude and brings a smile to my face just to see his willingness at every turn. Knight is one you’ll run to see every day.

I love your horses and everything y'all have done for me! 
- Jennifer Dunwoody, December 3rd, 2020

JAG Royal Knight, through the free riding opportunity at JAG Arabian Sport Horses, was my re-introduction into the horse world after a ~2 year break from riding. His patient and forgiving nature, combined with his communicativeness when you are making a clear error, makes him a strong mentor for the novice rider who is looking to gain confidence and reassurance.  Knight has taught me how to slow down and not to get ahead of myself, and how to pay more attention to the messages conveyed in equine movement and behavior. He has been a great friend and an asset on my journey to improve upon horsemanship!
- Katie Ball, July 10th, 2022

I would like to share my personal experience with JAG Lady Pegasus +/, or Peggy as she is known around the barn. I have been a lifelong lover of horses and I know that even among avid equestrians, there can be a negative view of the Arabian breed. I challenge anyone with such a bias to meet Peggy. She is a gorgeous ambassador of the breed with impeccable ground manners and a gentle and willing temperament. I spent an afternoon taking a private dressage lesson during a summer thunderstorm where Peggy did not bat an eyelash but instead reacted calmly and attentively in the covered arena. She takes care of her rider and wants to please. Although I have not had the chance to ride Knight (JAG ROYAL KNIGHT), he is also a stunning and affectionate pony who exemplifies the best qualities of his breed. The Gilkers go above and beyond to ensure their horses are well cared for and they are generous in sharing their time and resources with others to share this passion.

If you need any further information from me, please let me know!

- Jennifer Lee

31 years old

Atlanta, GA
January 14th, 2020

Absolutely love Megan and Jessica! They were my first horse friends I met when I moved to Georgia and got to know them from riding at their farm. The program was absolutely amazing for me. The expectations they have are cleaning after yourself, your horse and respecting their space and resources.

What you are asked to do is what I would consider to be balancing out the additional work having more people in the barn causes for them as well as ensure the horses and facilities are appropriately taken care of. The expectations are that of which you would see in a quality professional boarding or training facility without the price tag.

Their horses are incredibly well trained, quiet, beautiful and quality horses that are easy and pleasant to ride and work with. I have nothing but great things to say about their barn, horses and them as people. I have loved my opportunities to get some ride time in and unfortunately live too far away now to get out there regularly. 

- Alexandra Haugan, May 19th, 2022

From the first time I visited the barn, I felt welcome and blessed to work with such special horses. Their patience and gentle nature have already taught me so much and have been so comforting as I renew my equestrian skills after a few years away. The care and training that have gone into raising the horses is abundantly clear and I couldn't be more impressed with the beautiful facility you have created. To be able to come up to the barn after a long day at work is such a fabulous stress reliever, and I am inspired by the care and thought that clearly goes into JAG Arabians


Thank you for welcoming riders in free of charge and for the opportunity to work side by side with such magnificent Arabians!


Allie Donahue, February 22nd, 2022


When I found your stables of horses I was at a point in my life where I was redefining and finding myself. My son was off to college, and I recently lost my beloved dog and constant companion RJ after 15 years all within the same month.  I was aware of the changes in my life, but I also knew that I wanted to use this time to get back to what made me happy as a girl. 

I found your stables online and I was drawn to the majesty of Arabian Sport Horses and the goal to allow capable people to work with your horses. I was in!! I had not been in a stable setting in a few years, and I was excited to get back to it.

The first day at the farm, I was sent to get Pegasus from the back field. As I walked to get her, I got emotional as it brought back memories of my childhood. I gained excitement with every step, but I was also a little nervous.  I found Peggy and began the walk back to the stable. That first walk with her I will always remember because she took those first steps of confidence with me.

In the months following, I was drawn to Peggy and always tried to influence my way to work with her. I told her about my work, my son, and the horses that I grew up with. She knows all my secrets. After a long day at the office, I always looked forward to getting to the barn because I knew that it would be the form of therapy that I needed.

I also worked with Knight and Des, and they reminded me that every horse has their own personality and what worked with one might not work with the other. One thing for certain all the horses enjoyed the treats! Grooming and baths were the best way for me to get to know them better and I enjoyed working in the bathing stalls at the barn.

What I want you to know is that your farm, your family, and these horses have made a difference in my life during a time that had so much uncertainty. I love the time I spend there and always leave feeling confident and happy.

- Stacy Hurd, February 7th, 2022


Hello Megan, just wanted to send along a big thank you for your hospitality!!  Ava and Jon (and Finn, lol) loved your facility and we are all grateful for your assistance in making it a great clinic!  Everyone was very helpful and made it a joy to be there! 


I am sorry I couldn’t make it, I was exhausted after a three day Christian school retreat, lol, but they loved it and hopefully we can come again for another clinic!!!  


Laini Jackson, August 18th, 2019




Thank you ladies for all you hard work putting this super fun and educational  clinic together.  I was so happy to be a part of it as an auditor.  I really enjoyed watching Devon offering training classes that were uniquely  tailored to each horse and rider.  It is nice to see old friends and meet new ones in  a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere and hope to be a part of the next one.

- Nancy Cochran, August 29th, 2019

Lovely barn, lovely horses, lovely people!! I learned so much about both riding and general horsemanship there and improved a lot—Megan and Jessica are so knowledgeable and have a ton of resources to share, and the horses are very experienced as well. It’s also where I got my love of groundwork from, which has in turn improved my under saddle work.


I wouldn’t really consider it “conditioning for free” (though that may have been my opinion first going into it) now that I’ve done it—the knowledge you gain is priceless, and the tack, facility, and horses are are all well-cared for and top quality. I went into it a little unsure what to expect, too, but every day I wish I could go back (I only left due to moving out of state), it was some of the most valuable and enjoyable times of my life  If you go in looking to learn, you won’t be disappointed!


What you primarily do in exchange (other than going in with an open mind) is clean up after yourself and your horse and make sure the tack and horse is all taken care of after the fact—cleaning their stall, watering/feeding if needed, cleaning the tack you used, bathing, etc. Once again, it’s an invaluable opportunity, and I highly recommend it!!
- Bella Sims, May 19th, 2022

I’ve ridden with Megan and Jessica! They’re awesome and take great care of their horses. My experience was great. There’s lots of space to ride around the property and two arenas. Definitely would recommend!
- Kelly Moore, May 18th, 2022


Des is a sweetheart and it was a pleasure to get to know her. You can tell she is beyond wise,  knows the lay of the land, and wants to own said land :). She is so confident and comfortable which made working with her a joy. 


Free Riding Program

This was a great opportunity to get comfortable with horse care again after a few years off. The instructional videos had great best practices and reminders and really showed how much Megan & Jessica respect and care for their horses. The farm is in a beautiful location and equipment, horses and property are pristine. They provide so many resources for you to be successful in this program. I'm so glad I had this experience and hope to come back after a busy upcoming summer. It was a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively) after stressful work days and I will cherish those moments!

- Laura Madigan, May 18th, 2022

Knight is a true gentleman and schoolmaster. As I was regaining my confidence in horsemanship, Knight helped me learn some basics of ground work. He was so patient with me as I practiced turn on the forehand and leg yields. He didn’t even mind or snicker at me when at one point I had the lunge line wrapped around all of me!! When I would go to catch him in the field he always rewarded my long walk by patiently letting me halter him and bring him in. He even let me bring his herd mate in also with us and quietly adjusted his gait so I could guide both of them in without getting tangled up (again:) in the lead ropes. Knight senses when his handler just needs a bit of kindness and love and always made me feel like I was his special person during our visits. 
- Jordan Byrd, April 25th, 2022

Jag has provided me such a wonderful opportunity to rekindle my love and bond with such an amazing breed of horse. I thank you all so much for allowing me to get close to all of your sweet fur babies! I can’t wait to spend more time with these amazing animals!
- K.C. Shields, April 2022

Peggy is one of the sweetest and most patient horses I’ve ever had the privilege to be around. She’s beautiful inside and out and always ready to be with her humans!
- K.C. Shields, June 21st, 2022

Dear Jessica and Megan,

I want to thank you for the opportunity to spend time at your farm and to start becoming a little familiar with your lovely horses! My mentor, horse trainer Kirsten Nelsen, always emphasized that the horses’ needs come first and that their well-being is more important than anything else.  I think that at JAG Arabians you exemplify that ideal.  Although I was only able to come to the farm a few times due to changes in my situation it was evident that you care deeply for your horses. From all the videos and reading material you make available to how you make sure that everyone who comes to the farm treats the horses with respect, I know that their needs are uppermost in your mind. 

I especially enjoyed grooming and working with Des. She’s wiling and eager to please and she has a spunky side too which I thought was funny! All your horses are lucky  to be with you and I wish you well in all your future endeavors.

Jan Legg, March 21st, 2022

I haven't been visiting JAG Arabians for very long but in the short while I have been there, it's been an amazing experience! I have been learning an awful lot about various techniques in how to train horses and exercise them. And also I've been learning more about horses in general, how they're built and how they think and react to various things which is really interesting. I've been riding for several years and have been around horses a lot but I've been really impressed with their horses. And Jessica and Megan have been so friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming. I hope that one day I can posses the same amount of knowledge as they do! I'd say my favorite horse so far is Khalahari. He's very friendly and he's patient with you while you're trying out techniques. It's like you're learning together in a sense. He's a smart and great horse. I'll definitely be back in January and will learn as much as I can.    
- Brian Shelton, December 20th, 2021

Hi Jessica and Megan,

Having spent a lot of time riding TBs and AQHAs, I've been able to explore one of my Mom’s favorite horse breeds, the Arabian.

One of my first experiences was with Peggy. She’s cuter than a button, easy to be around, sweet, and I enjoyed her gentle demeanor while grooming and leading her on the farm with the beautiful autumn leaves crunching with every step.


Thank you, Gilker family for sharing the story of the horses and allowing me to experience the Arabian and Half-Arabian (recently learned the history of the Welara Pony!) at a farm that inspires love of the horse.



Melody Holcomb, December 19th, 2021

I really enjoyed getting to know Des this summer. She’s got that “forever young” personality and an inquisitiveness unique to Arabians. Des was lovely to spend time with!
- Jenna Anjola, September 11th, 2022

Wow, I have to say I’m fully impressed with your organization and the amount of information you have provided! What an opportunity! Thank you for allowing me to visit your gorgeous farm last night! I was thrilled to get to meet both Peggy and Knight. They were both very polite and well behaved. Peggy has just the sweetest face. Knight was a bit of a “ham” - coming right to me in the field while nickering a hello.
- Chara Garcia, September 1st, 2022

I love the free riding opportunity! I love that y’all go into detail on the videos. JAG Royal Knight is the an amazing horse to have for the ambassador award due to his great spirit and nature. He’s patient and willing to learn anything thrown his way. He’s gentle with anyone that gets on his back, understanding quickly about what each person is asking him to do or perform. He’s a great example of the Arabian breed showing their diversity and how they’re absolute sweethearts. Meeting him through the free riding program offered by JAG has been one of the best experiences. He’s a great teacher and listener. 
- Samantha Podmolik, September 24th, 2022

Des is a beauty! She has a wonderful temperament, perfect for any level rider. I look forward to working with her more through the free riding opportunity!
- Brittany Bremer, July 20th, 2022

Des is super sweet and knows the ropes! She definitely taught me more than I could ever teach her. If you want a horse that will make you better, this is her. She’s beautiful!
K.c. Shields-Lipp, August 4th, 2022

Des has such a sweet soul and big heart! I love that she’s always eager to work. She makes trying new things fun because of how well she responds! One of my favorite horses to work with.
Bailey Grigsby, August 31st, 2022

Thank you so much for the opportunity to visit your beautiful barn. Your hospitality was so kind and welcoming.  I admire what you are doing! I sincerely thank you for this experience.
- Rebecca Pate, September 23th, 2022

Des is such a rockstar! Very fortunate to have handled her and ridden her for a short while while riding for free at JAG Arabian Sport Horses.
Lyndsey Deigan, January 21st, 2022


I loved being at your barn!  You were very welcoming and informative. The atmosphere was sweet and peaceful  I simply loved listening to you all talk about your horses and philosophies. I love that you understand and respect the horses as “individuals “ with personalities and treat them with such respect, instead of as a tool to be used in showing off a rider’s skill. And, of course, I loved getting to know the horses!  I think Connor was my fav! Thank you for sharing your barn with us! As Emily is able, I will feel good about the time she spends there. (And will probably want to come myself! Lol!)
- Angela Slagle, August 5th, 2022

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