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The Arabian Horse

The Versatile, Talented, Diverse & Amateur Friendly Horse


You don't have to tell us about the versatility, diversity, talent, soundness, intelligence, trainability, willingness, longevity & amateur friendly personality of the Arabian Horse breed as a whole! We have had the pleasure of knowing hundreds of Arabians and Half Arabians between Kathy, Megan and Jessica, Also, between Kathy, Megan and Jessica, we have had the privilege of owning, showing and riding at least 30+ different Arabians. We have enjoyed training with trainers of all breeds in Hunters, Dressage and Eventing and are especially proud of JAG Royal Knight's success at Pony Finals in 2014. Our Arabians have eagerly and easily learned upper level dressage movements. Our trained horses and ponies have packed around many first time riders and beginners around the arena and through the pastures. Our horses are great riding bareback and we love taking them out on the trails and to hunter paces.
 With so many disciplines available, there is an Arabian bred or trained for that purpose - whether that's Eventing, Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage, Reining, Cutting, Roping, Team Penning, Endurance, Competitive Trail, Western Pleasure, Saddleseat, Fox Hunting, Driving, English or Western Trail, western or English sidesaddle, Racing, a family horse, a professional's horse, and so on!  With a diverse range of heritages, including Domestic/American bred, Polish, Spanish, Egyptian, French, Swedish, Russian, etc. you also have a wide variety of Arabian "looks" and personalities you will come across, just as you would any other breed that would fit your needs as a horse. If you are interested in learning about Arabian bloodlines, don't hesitate to ask Arabian owners, breeders or trainers for their insight or get a one day (very affordable)/30 day/year membership to Arabian Datasource:  For more information on the breed and it's history, go here.
If you didn't know, most European Arabian studs originally tested their Arabians on the race track for soundness and durability. By utilizing Arabians in the development of the Thoroughbred and development of the generic "Warmblood" (whichever Warmblood book may come to mind - Hanoverian, RPSI, Westfalen German Riding Pony Stud Book, ISR/Oldenburg NA, Danish, SBS-N.A. Studbook/Belgian Sport Horse, Trakehner breed association, etc.) most Warmbloods have Arabians in their pedigree. Arabians have been approved and are specifically allowed to be approved for breeding in multiple Warmblood books and are still utilized to bring "blood" back in as needed. Many Arabian and Half Arabian mares have been approved for breeding, but some CURRENT stallions that have been approved for RPSI: Soleil CA+, FCF Oberons Vanity, Tuxedo Thyme ABA++++// Oldenburg: Bonne Vivant ++++// SBS-N.A. Studbook "The Belgian Sport Horse": Mojave Kid++++// Dansk Varmblod (Danish Warmblood Horse Breeding Society): Zonyx   Oldenburg, Hannover, Trakehner: IS Orlow These are just a few stallions active as of 2017 - many other stallions have been approved, but stallion owners must pay a yearly fee to keep their stallion's and owner's membership active. For example, past stallions are: SGF Ahmour and Saint Sandro+++/  Both also did the 70 day North American Stallion Test. Also, Taez - approved ISR/Oldenburg NA & Trakehner.
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"Can Arabian Horses Hold Their Own in Dressage?" By Chuck Grant from Horse and Rider, December 1977.  Chuck is considered the "Father of American Dressage, "was a founding member of the United States Dressage Federation, and And 1997 Inductee United States Dressage Federation Hall of Fame.

"Arabians for Dressage" by Shirley Warren, American Horseman, March 1974

CMK Heritage Notebook - The Arabian as a Sporting: The CMK in Arabian Sport Horses

The Arabian Sport Horse:
History of Dressage:

THE Thoroughbred's ARABIAN ANCESTORS, By Ben Hur (Western Horseman Mar 49) 

"Warmblood is Not A Breed"

American Trakehner Association Registration

Introduction to the Arabian Sport Horse:
Arabian Record Breaker - EA Cygnus+//
How Arabian Sport Horses Are Changing the Game, also featuring JAG Royal Knight
If you don't know who the purebred Arabian stallion *ORATION++++// is, you need to look him up! Click here,  here  and here
The French Anglo Arabian in Eventing
Half Arabian Raindrops On Roses HL at Pony Finals
Eventing: Lauren Kieffer's 4* Anglo Arabian Snooze Alarm
Eventing: Lauren Kieffer and Anglo Arabian Vermiculus
Eventing: Katy Groesbeck & The Oz Brothers (Anglo Arabians)
Anglos -
2010 AHA Ambassadors, including Anglo-Arabian mare Athena++//
Rakhassa Bey++++// - Arabian Horse Association High Point of the Year - Working Hunter & Other Sport Horse Divisions
Purebred Arabian jumper mare, Hope Springs Eternal+/ 

Arabian Blood (The Keene Richards Importation) By Ben Hur (Western Horseman Jul/Aug '46) 

Antez (448), THE VERSATILE ARABIAN, Harara X Moliah, (foaled 1921), Author not Given, from "The Horse Lover" Apr/May '51


Quick Silver Bey++++// and other horses Video of Quick Silver Bey

Wonderful List of Russian Arabian Breeding Stallions with Photos

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"Anglo-Arabians Today - Anglos in America"
"The Anglo-Arabian Story"

"Arabians Earn USDF Gold Medal in Dressage"
"Arabians in the Dressage Arenas: An Interview with Maria Pook"


If would you like to see a gallery of Arabian sport horses please go here for photo galleries put together by The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.
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