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JAG Dekadence

JAG Khalahari (by *Dakar El Jamaal) x CA Destiny Gro+ (by *Grojor)
15.1 hh April 19, 2009 Arabian Mare

AHA #643680
Winner in Arabian Sport Horse In Hand & Halter.  Lovely mover for Hunter, Dressage, & Combined Training in open and AHA shows. 


I am starting the process of finding a wonderful lease partner for JAG Dekadence "Demi". Demi is young so she could take the right teammate any direction they want to go. I am open to starting with a half lease towards the fall/winter of 2023 while I’m still working with her too and could go into a full lease later if interested. Anyone interested in leasing Demi could start getting to know her summer 2023 to see if they would make a good team. 17 year old and above riders only please.

I am looking for someone who will be willing to show Demi 2-3 times a year and take a weekly lesson with her from any one on our list of approved trainers (other trainers welcomed if approved) and/or participate in clinic(s). Onsite dressage trainer available as well. Half lease, 3/4 lease or full lease options would be available (3 month, 6 month or a year lease options). Demi is an athletic, lovely moving mare who is best for someone interested in progressing and being competitive in hunters, dressage, western dressage, combined training, eventing, working equitation, sport horse classes, trail classes, working equitation or ranch riding. She is big bodied and has lovely form over fences. She is a previous winner in Arabian Sport Horse In Hand & Halter. She LOVES scratches on her chest and neck & enjoys a thorough grooming session.


Her sire, JAG Khalahari "Khal" is a winner in Dressage & Sport Horse In Hand and her dam, CA Destiny Gro+ "Des" is a winner in Dressage, Hunters, Combined Training, Sport Horse classes and showed up to 3rd Level Dressage & schooled FEI level movements. Both sire and dam are onsite at our farm. If you have met/handled Khal or Des, Demi is a lovely mix of both of them! Demi is Nationals level quality for Dressage, AHA, & Eventing.

Our farm has 40 acres, two arenas both with lights and sprinklers. One arena is covered so you can ride anytime of the day/year! Anyone that leases Demi will be able to join along to any clinics or shows that Megan and Kathy attend. I am looking for an onsite lease at our farm at this time, but may be open to an offsite lease later after seeing the partnership grow between Demi and her potential lessee/rider at our farm first.

I’ll be competing with Demi next year in some dressage and hunter shows and hopefully a few combined training as well so she will be fit and ready to go next fall/winter for those interested in competing.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to let me know at any time at - Jessica Gilker Ho

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